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Assembly and Kitting

As well as manufacturing components, whether through our Press Works or CNC capabilities, we also offer our customers a complete assembly and kitting service.

Removing the logistical headache

The service relieves our customers of the headache associated with organising the logistics of bringing together components, both out-sourced and manufactured by ourselves, before assembling or making up into kits.

Assembly & Kitting of metal components

We have developed systems for inventory management, production execution and time & motion, enabling us to constantly monitor and improve both labour and process costs.

We offer a full kitting service for both long and short runs, including the sourcing of any specialist packaging.


Indenco can provide full or part assembly of specialist products using any combination of components manufactured in-house, externally sourced or supplied by the customer.

We are able to process assemblies by hand or by using semi-automatic equipment. We can meet the demands of high or low volume projects and ensure all components meet quality compliance, fit together and function as required.


Working closely with our assembly operations, our kitting department provides customers with a full kit make-up service. Typically we produce a complete kit of components that are required for assembly or installation work, but can create kits with any combination of components and for any use.

ForĀ further information about any of our services, or if you would like us to provide you with a quote, please contact us on 01386 443946, or enquiries@indenco.co.uk

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