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Indenco has many years’ experience providing components for aluminium window systems and the glazing industry – this forms a significant proportion of our output.

Window systems

We manufacture a large range of fittings for the assembly of windows, doors, shop fronts and curtain walling.

Fixing Lugs for the glazing industry

As the premier supplier to a number of aluminium window systems makers and distributors within the UK, we specialise in fixing lugs, chevrons, patio door rollers and espagnolettes.

Patio Door Rollers
We are able to work with a variety of materials including; mild & alloy steels, copper alloys, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and various plastics.

Plating, anodising, painting and powder coating…

When working with a range of of materials typically including; mild & alloy steels, copper alloys, brass, aluminium or plastics, a decorative or protective finish is often required.
Tool Making
CNC Machining
Component Assembly
Indenco offer a choice of finishes including electroplating, anodising, powder coating and painting. We work closely with our specialist suppliers to provide top quality finishes which are also highly durable.

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