Restraint straps
Angles and brackets
Wall and frame ties
Wall extension profiles
Door latches and hasps
Stop and angle beads
Letter plates and flaps
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Builders metalwork

Indenco can produce many of the primary metal products needed in building structures. These would include wall ties and anchors for brick and block work plus beads and fixings for use with plasterboard. Also the numerous fixings needed for timber work including connector plates, restraint straps, fixing plates, joist hangers and angle brackets.

These types of pressing are normally made from high-strength galvanised steel so that they retain their strength and do not rust or fracture over a long time period.

CNC Machined parts for the Construction Industry
We are able to work with a variety of materials including; mild & alloy steels, copper alloys, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and various plastics.

Low, medium or high run projects…

We are able to produce anything from low quantity items for individual building projects to high-volume runs for builder’s merchants.
Hand kitting service
Semi-automatic product assembly
We have the facility to make our tooling in-house leading to greater flexibility and the ability to comfortably meet rapid time frames.

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